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INVU Software

By managing all your documents electronically from your desktop, Invu improves efficiency, lowers costs and makes you more responsive to inquiries.  You wont even have to leave your desk.

From law firms to healthcare providers, schools to realtors, accountants to publishers, manufacturers to insurance companies, Invu solves problems common to all organizations, from 2 to 20,0000 employees.

Designed by people who actually use it, Invu is the simplest, most intuitive software you'll ever run on your desktop.

Easily searchable and always accessible, Invu allows anyone who needs to find a document, share it, change it and store it, all with just a few clicks of the mouse.


  • Never waste time chasing another endless paper trail.
  • Access years worth of files in seconds on your desktop.
  • Cut query response times and dramatically improve service.
  • Create watertight audit trails for regulatory compliance.
  • Transform dead storage areas into practical, usable space.
  • Enjoy secure, shared access to every document you need.
  • Protect your work with reliable disaster recovery measures.
  • Rely on the very best support in the industry with InvuCare.

Wherever you work, whatever your work, you'll run like clockwork with Invu.


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