Document Imaging




Document Imaging/Scanning

Are you…

  • Considering scanning your documents and are unsure where to start?
  • Having difficulty providing document access to multiple employees?
  • Unhappy or disillusioned with your in-house imaging department?
  • Having difficulty retrieving electronic documents with your current retrieval system?
    If you are experiencing any of the above, please read on.

    Scanning is a cost effective alternative to storing archived documents. However, if you have multiple employees that need to access the information, you may be a candidate for imaging. Imaging is a great alternative for working documents as well as archived files.

    Imaging can be done all at one time, or you can store the paper documents and they can be scanned and made available to you as you need them.

    Odyssey Document Services has state of the art equipment, experienced management and total dedication to providing you the product you need, in the time we agree to, at a cost that is significantly less than your fully loaded in-house cost.

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