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Electronic Discovery

Attorney’s and government agencies are no longer shy about asking for electronic documentation. It is becoming common practice for clients to include CDs when they send boxes of documents. Studies have shown that most businesses print only a small fraction of the information contained in their computer systems. If there is a smoking gun within your organization, it is likely to be an e-mail message. Not addressing electronic documents could be a big mistake.

We can electronically capture all e-mail files and literally hundreds of other file formats, either directly from computer hard drives, servers, backup tapes, CD-ROMs or floppies. As part of our Electronic Discovery Service, we offer de-duplication and keyword searches to reduce the volume of documents that need to be processed.

Because 93 percent of all new data is created digitally, it is imperative that law firms, corporate counsel, and general business employ an effective e-Discovery strategy.

We convert most types of file formats (Outlook PST, MS Office Documents, Lotus Notes, etc.) into TIFF images and fielded databases that include:
• Document meta-data · TIFF image linked to every document, unitized and ready for production
• Electronically "branded" images, including the ability to produce production sets

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